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He grasped the key issues and commercial sensitivities quickly and was sensitive to these throughout the process. He was very good at making the client feel comfortable about the mediation process as a whole and instilling confidence in his role as impartial facilitator. We were particularly impressed with Andrew’s continued involvement after the mediation. This was excellent and resulted in an agreement being reached between the parties. We would certainly recommend using him again in the future.  Andrew is a pleasure to work with.
Solicitor, Sports Endorsement Dispute
We really appreciated all the work that you did on the day – and I do not say that to most mediators. Without you, we simply wouldn’t have got a deal.
Solicitor, Insurance Dispute
You dealt with both sides very well in what was a difficult mediation so I was only too pleased to wax lyrical about your skills.
Solicitor, Franchising Dispute
Andrew resolved the issues in one day, as opposed to months of arbitration. He understood the client’s needs and objectives, handled matters well… and was aware and proactive.
Solicitor, Insurance dispute
Andrew did a fantastic job and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.
Solicitor, Joint Venture termination dispute
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for today! Without you (our film) wouldn't be going anywhere. Thank you for your support, and help. We really appreciate everything you have done.
Party, Feature Film Rights Dispute
I was very impressed and will not hesitate to use Andrew in the future. He was excellent.
Solicitor, Property Insurance Dispute
Although the circumstances were not ideal I really enjoyed our chats and exchanges. Thank you. I'm a bit tired and am now going to have a very large g+t, with my feet up. Hope you're doing something likewise.
Party’s Advisor, Football Club Dispute
Thank you for all your help yesterday. I must admit, I didn’t think we were going to get there.
Solicitor, Property Dispute
Thank you for the mediation you recently did for us. Rave reviews!
Mediation Provider, Property Insurance Dispute
Thank you Andrew and very well done; Not easy given attitudes were very entrenched for many years on this one!
Mediation Provider, Building Dispute
I have an evaluation form back already. It’s very positive – you were rated ‘Excellent’ in all of the categories. They were very impressed.
Mediation Provider, Professional Negligence Dispute
10 out of 10. I thought Andrew was absolutely brilliant! Please thank him again for his work and help.
Party, Fashion Franchising Dispute
Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for getting us all across the line.
Party, Royalty Dispute
I am stunned. I can’t believe we have settled. Thank you so much. It has been hanging over me for quite some time. Five years, I guess. I can end the year in a good way now.
Party, Family Dispute
Andrew was knowledgeable, diplomatic, trustworthy and totally effective during the mediation and negotiation process.  His attitude and presence during the meeting put everyone at ease and helped everyone focus on the immediate issues rather than the emotional background to each problem. A potentially difficult day was handled calmly, efficiently and was ultimately successful. I would not hesitate in contacting Andrew for any future assistance in such areas.
Party, Film Production Dispute
It feels like I've got a life again. I feel a lot more relaxed now. It was really stressful and draining and it is so much better than the alternative of dealing with it every day. Thank you.
Party, Sports Dispute
It seems to have been successful in a way that I didn't really think it would be.
Solicitor, TV Distribution Dispute
Very assured. A seasoned and capable negotiator. Combines charm with authority. Expertly creates the right conditions for constructive dialogue. Immediately puts parties at ease and establishes rapport. Builds momentum quickly and keeps things moving forward with energy, humour, toughness and tact. He was also really good at bringing it together at the crucial moments and keeping the parties safely on track when they were about to get derailed, injecting a sense of humour and a light touch.
Co-Mediator, Poker Player Dispute
Thank you for going that extra mile. It made all the difference. I am really happy. I was losing sleep over it. and You were brilliant. Thank you very much.
Parties, Family Trust Dispute