Advocacy, Coaching and Training

Mediation is only the tip of the iceberg. I also provide:

Conflict Coaching

Helping parties resolve differences early so that they don’t turn into fully-fledged disputes. Apart from the inevitable cost savings, vital relationships can be saved. Sometimes even improved.

Workplace Mediation

Helping resolve problems in the workplace between employers and employees, again early on, so that they don’t turn into costly, stressful disputes.

Mediation Advocacy

As an experienced dealmaker who understands mediations inside out, you can hire me exclusively to represent you in a dispute – either to act as your mediation advocate at a mediation or to handle your ‘without prejuduce’ negotiations, keeping negotiation channels open and working closely with your litigation team.

Mediation Coaching

Coaching a team to make the most of an upcoming mediation. Rehearsal sessions can provide a clearer sense of what to expect and what pitfalls to avoid. Above all, you get to appreciate upfront the key decisions you will need to make on the day and the ramifications involved should you continue to litigate.


Practical seminars for directors, managers, in-house lawyers and HR teams on conflict prevention, management and resolution. I have run tailor-made seminars and webinars for a variety of organisations, including the Intellectual Property Office, Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Law Society, the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, and various UK and European trade bodies, studios, broadcasters, legal and accountancy firms.