Recent Publications & Seminars


Boardroom Wars: How to manage director & shareholder disputes and get the right result 
Conference Chair & Seminar,
2019 Director & Shareholder Disputes Conference, 1st May

How to handle any dispute, ACE Producers Seminar, Amsterdam, 3rd April

How to get what you want from a meeting, ACE Producers Seminar, Copenhagen, 6th April

How to Manage a Contentious Dispute & Get the Right Result, and How to Prevent a Contractual Dispute & Stop it Escalating
MBL 2019 Commercial Contracts Conference, London 5th March

Partnership problems? Family business issues? Eight ways mediation can help


‘Business Families and Family Businesses’: STEP Practitioners’ Handbook: ‘Dealing with Conflict’, with Mark Lindley of Boodle Hatfield, November (pdf)



Using mediation to cut costs and show you’re a profit centre, Centre for Legal Leadership

Cutting the cost of conflict
Seminar, Centre for Legal Leadership, 9th October

Information technology in dispute resolution

Law Society Gazette, Roundtable Feature, Joanna Goodman, 4th June

Resolve a Dispute in a Day and get the Deal you Want
Seminars, London June /July (pdf)

Mediation and the in-house lawyer: Everything you need to know in 8 easy steps

Lights, Camera, Mediation: Entertainment Industry disputes and how to settle them
The Resolver, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, February (pdf)

Using mediation to resolve sensitive partnership, family business or private client issues before they escalate
Expert Witness Journal, Autumn

How to negotiate and get what you want
Seminar, Society of Authors, London 30th November (pdf)


Managing an Artist’s Estate

Seminar, Courtauld Institute,
Institute for Artists’ Estates, London 9th October

How to settle commercial disputes
Seminars, MBL, London & Manchester, 2nd & 3rd October

ADR in Film & Media Disputes
Seminar for British Screen Advisory Council & Chartered Institute of Arbitration, Herbert Smith, London 7th June (pdf)

Resolving Entertainment & Sports disputes in a day and getting the right deal
Seminar, London, Thursday 18th May

Resolving Disputes & Cutting the Cost of Conflict: Mediation Seminar for In-House Lawyers
Wednesday, 15th March (pdf)

Working it out: Using a mediator to sort out sensitive private client issues before they escalate
Law Society Gazette, Private Client Section, February

Mediation: Cutting the cost of conflict
Law Society Gazette, In-House Division (pdf), January 

How to settle a commercial dispute in a day
Seminar, MBL, London 12th January

Mediation. The Chain of Pain and How to get off it
UK Mediation Journal, January (PDF)


‘Family Duels’: Mediation: the quick, cost-effective way of resolving or warding off a private client dispute
Spear’s, November/December 2016 (PDF)

Helping clients deal with commercial disputes
The Psychotherapist, Autumn 2016 (PDF)

Law Society Gazette, Private Client Section, 7 June 2016 (PDF)

How to settle a dispute in a day
Seminar, Cambridge Law Society, 8 February 2016 (PDF)


How to Master Commercial Mediation: The Entertainment and Media Industry, Bloomsbury January (PDF)

Mediate, don’t Litigate
Lead article, Corporate Disputes Magazine, Oct-Dec

Settling Intractable disputes & getting clients what they want
Seminar series, Autumn

How to negotiate successfully
Webinar, Law Society, 13th October

Using mediation to get what’s best for your business
Seminar, IP Litigation & Enforcement Summit: 1-3 July (PDF)

How to mediate an IP dispute and get what you want
IP Insurance Conference, Intellectual Property Office, 2nd July (PDF)

Settling Intractable Disputes Successfully & Getting Clients What They Want
Seminar, MBL, 21st May (PDF)

Settling business disputes effectively – and cost-effectively
Seminar, SME Alliance, 30th March

Navigating an IP Storm: What’s best for your business?
Seminar, law firm Olswang, 19th March (PDF)


Singapore International Arbitration: Law & Practice (Chapter 15): Mediating International disputes, Lexis Nexis, September

EU Mediation Law and Practice: The United Kingdom: Oxford University Press

Disputes and Mediation: Practical steps and advice
IAMA Newsletter (International Artist Managers’ Association), Winter (PDF)

The best way of resolving an IP dispute
IP Masterclass, Intellectual Property Office, September

Ten Tips for resolving a dispute
British Airways’ Business Life, May

‘I love ADR’
Managing IP, March. (PDF)

Cracking it! Using mediation to demonstrate tactical strength
New Law Journal, 7th March. (PDF)

Commercial Suicide or good business sense
Managing IP, 14th February

European Parliament Study: Rebooting the Mediation Directive

Why Mediation makes sense for media businesses, trade organisations and their members
Seminar, Intellectual Property Office and law firm Wiggin, 13 February (PDF)


Resolving entertainment disputes more effectively
Royalty Audit Seminar, Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW), 19 November

Using mediation as an effective business tool
In-house lawyer webinar, Law Society, 16 October

Profile: My legal life
Law Society Gazette, 7 October

In-house Plea
Law Society Gazette, 16 September

Resolving IP Disputes effectively
Webinar, Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, 12 September

Profile: Is out-of-court mediation the solution to messy lawsuits?
Spear’s, 25 July

How do we react to a foreign copyright claim?
Financial Times, 15 March

Mediation: the  most effective option
Intellectual Property Office – IP Insight, Edition 72, March

Consider mediation before starting a legal battle
Broadcast, 11 January. (PDF)


ADR- the latest thinking on strategies and tactics
Commercial Dispute Resolution, November. (PDF)

All I want for Christmas is… mediation
Commercial Dispute Resolution, 25 October. (PDF)

Is mediation moving out of the shadows and into the mainstream in England and Wales?
International Institute of Conflict Prevention & Resolution, September. (PDF)