Why Mediate?

It works. 70% of UK commercial mediations settle in just a day

It is inexpensive: The cost is insignificant compared to the cost of litigating or the amount in dispute

It is quick: Litigation isn’t

It is risk free: You can explore settlement options without prejudicing your case

It removes the ‘lottery’ of litigation: Mediation offers certainty. It eliminates the risk of being saddled with a damaging legal ruling

Relationships can be preserved. Reputations too.

It is confidential: Disputes stays private

It suits dealmakers: Disputes can be settled on a creative, non-precedential basis. A judge can’t do that for you

Problems can be fixed early on. That way, they don’t escalate.

It is much easier than suing abroad

It is also a very effective way of resolving disputes in the workplace

My 5 minute video for the Intellectual Property Office: Why mediation works and why it works for businesses

Click here to see the video.